River Legacy
703 N.W. Green Oaks Blvd.
(at Cooper Street)
Arlington, TX 76006 US

River Legacy

Park Rules

Park Rules – Please observe for the enjoyment of all visitors…

  1. Motorized vehicles are NOT allowed on trails and unpaved park areas.
  2. Parking allowed in designated areas only. No parking on grass. Secure valuables left in vehicles.
  3. Inline skates, roller skates and bicycles ARE PERMITTED on CONCRETE TRAILS ONLY, or on a DESIGNATED MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAIL.
  4. Speed limit on trails is 20 mph.
  5. Dogs are welcome on a leash on park grounds, with the exception of River Legacy Living Science Center. Dogs are not allowed inside River Legacy Living Science Center, unless it is a designated service animal. Dogs/Pets are not allowed on the grounds of River Legacy Living Science Center during school hours, scheduled educational programs, events, or festivals. Dogs must not be left unattended on a leash or tied up.
  6. Firearms, golf , metal detecting, and horseback riding are prohibited.
  7. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited by ordinance.
  8. Glass containers – please keep off the playground area, game courts and playing fields.
  9. Litter – please deposit in trash receptacles.
  10. Pets – please clean up after them
  11. Fires – none allowed outside of the grills in pavilion areas.
  12. Removal of trees or other natural resources is prohibited.
  13. Professional photography is by permit only. Contact the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department at 817.459.5473 to apply for a permit.
  14. Pavilion rentals and events held in River Legacy Parks can be reserved through the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department at 817.459.5473.

Animal Ordinances

The Parks and Recreation Chapter of the Code of the City of Arlington includes the following animal ordinances for city parks:

  1. Animal owners or persons in the possession of animals must have materials or implements in their possession that, either alone or in combination with each other, can be used immediately in a sanitary and lawful manner to remove and dispose of animal defecation that may be deposited on park property.
  2. Animal owners or persons in the possession of animals must have their pets leashed at all times on park property.

Bicycle Ordinances

No person shall ride a bicycle off paved trails in River Legacy Parks except when riding on a specifically marked unpaved trail designated by official signs for bicycles. Violation of this ordinance could result in a misdemeanor and a fine not to exceed $500. Each day that a violation is permitted to exist shall constitute a separate offense.


Protection of Wild Animals Ordinance

No person shall in any City park capture, attempt to capture, hunt, molest, injure, trap or administer or set out any trap or harmful substance for any wild or domestic animal, reptile, bird or fish, nor remove or have in his possession the young, eggs, or nest of any animal, reptile, or bird, unless such person first obtains a permit from the Department or engages in such activities in a designated park or a designated area within a park where such activities have been authorized by the Department. Violations of this ordinance could result in a fine.


For more information on any of these ordinances or on obtaining permits, call the City of Arlington Parks and Recreation Department at 817.459.5474 or visit www.naturallyfun.org

Coming soon to River Legacy

Oct. 29: Join us for a series of Yoga classes at the Science Center!

Nov. 3: Preschoolers & parents can enjoy learning about skunks together!

Nov. 5: Get an up close look at a native animal.

Nov. 5: Join us for a series of Yoga classes at the Science Center!